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Our focus is on creating a humanized voice interaction experience that allows your brand to impress your customers!

Our mission is to provide experiences with technology that will help you associate your brand with innovation.
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What is the technology behind our bots?

Tico-Tico Language

Created by Marco Diniz Garcia Gomes, Tico-Tico is very easy to use! Commands such as raising arms or making facial expressions are written in the form of emojis, making programming easy and intuitive, thus fulfilling the goal of a customizable bot that anyone can program.

JavaScript for bots

It is used when Tinbot needs to be able to interact with data from a company’s systems. By programming them with JavaScript, our bots can display QR Codes, ask the user questions, take photos and perform other activities. In other words, it gives you total freedom to program the bot any way you want, allowing integration with other software such as Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, chatbots and more.


With ChatGPT technology, our bots are even sharper with their answers! Interacting has become easier, more natural and faster, and you can now talk to them just as you would talk to ChatGPT, but with the added advantage of voice response.

Google Speech

Google Speech is a service offered by Google Cloud that converts audio into text and vice versa, using neural network models and machine learning. This technology contributes to a more fluid interaction between people and our bots.

Our bots delight with their innovation

TinbotGPT, a service built into ChatGPT (OpenAI)

Voice synthesis (text to speech)

Simple programming (Tico-Tico language)

Facial expressions

Sound effects

Takes photos

Facial tracking
Recognize voice commands

Body movements

Advanced programming (JavaScript language)

Open integration via APIs

QR Code display


Movement control
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We have already brought innovation to companies in various Industries

“At universities, my programming is designed to be used in a preliminary screening of people who come to the counter. I have charisma 😉 and I understand the interests of each person who comes to me and I cordially direct them to the right sector for assistance.

At school, I interact with the students and have often received parents arriving for meetings. This means that students can interact with technology in a playful way.”