the ChatGPT bot that speaks for your brand

Imagine talking to a bot the way you do with ChatGPT, and it has your brand on its chest!

u-Robot is the symbol of innovation that your brand needs, and it can say anything you would imagine a ChatGPT assistant can.

Have a fully customizable bot to talk to and delight your customers with a unique experience.

Friendly, helpful and customizable

Having a bot positions your company as an innovative force to the market.

Unlike AI devices that are just screens or simple objects, u-Robot combines the excitement of interacting with a humanoid robot with the practicality of adding personality to your business.

You will not go by unnoticed. Talking to a u-Robot is like interacting with the future!

Customize the u-Robot to represent your company! You can choose:

(female or male eyes and voice)
What the robot will have emblazoned on its chest
(how about your company logo?)
I want a u-Robot

Here is what this AI bot can do:

Recognize voice commands
Voice synthesis (text to speech)
Facial tracking
TinbotGPT, a service integrated with ChatGPT by OpenAI
Body movements
Simple programming with a proprietary language
Advanced programming with JavaScript language
Various integration possibilities via APIs

u-Robot steals the show at events

Artificial intelligence also has the advantage of being portable, versatile and, of course, extremely charismatic.

Take your u-Robot to events, such as fairs and exhibitions, and discover another level of success with the public!
I want a bot with my brand

ChatGPT bots are here to stay

A few years ago, the idea of interacting with a bot seemed like something from another world, right? On the other hand, since 2016 Tinbot has been programmed to interact with human voice commands.

And that was just the beginning, because our technology is constantly evolving!
Powered by state-of-the-art interaction technology, our bots are equipped with TinbotGPT, a service available on the Tinbot Platform that brings ChatGPT capabilities to your favorite bot!

Be an innovative force with ChatGPT