ChatGPT bots to help your brand innovate: Meet Tinbot and U-Robot

Meet our bots

ChatGPT bots for your brand to innovate

Solidify an image of innovation
Easily create interactions
Offer a unique AI experience

Features to innovate and delight your customers

Our bots understand you, the conversation flows in a humanized way, and you can program as you wish!
Both Tinbot and u-Robot have:
Voice command recognition
Voice synthesis (text to speech)
Simple programming with Tico-Tico language
Advanced programming with JavaScript language
Body movements
Facial tracking
Various integration possibilities via APIs
TinbotGPT: a service integrated with ChatGPT by OpenAI

TinbotGPT: Robôs afiados nas respostas!

TinbotGPT: Bots that provide sharp answers!

Tinbot already delivers innovation just by being an interactive bot, something that seemed out of this world a few years ago.

And that was just the beginning, because our technology is constantly evolving!

Introducing TinbotGPT, a service available on the Tinbot Platform that brings ChatGPT capabilities to your favorite bot!
Meet TinbotGPT

Real bots ready to interact and amaze

We have different models of ChatGPT bots, the favorite artificial intelligence for interactions. Here, you can find ready-made or customizable solutions.
Our main bot today is u-Robot, which can be a real pillar of innovation with your brand name emblazoned on its chest!

What is the perfect bot for you?
Meet TinbotGPT

Industries currently innovating with our bots

Tech companies
Financial institutions
Clinics and hospitals
Shipping companies
Insurance companies

Tinbot Robotics: a bot with the personality of your business

Our portfolio includes the perfect bot to delight your customers and employees. Backed by our 20 years in the tech market, we breathe innovation and turn it into incredible experiences
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What can a bot do for my company?

Surprise, delight, impact. Having a smart bot is more than just having an assistant: your company’s image is marked by innovation. The experience of customers, employees and suppliers interacting with a real bot is unforgettable.
With a smart bot, you can make your company’s message clear. Everyone will want to get up close to check out your bot and hear what it has to say. You gain visibility and become an industry standard.

These companies are already innovating with our bots: